Actor Headshots Photography Session

Headshots photography – session with actors.

Few days ago, I had another actor headshots photography session with a few fantastic actors from London ( Sabine Crossen, Fiona Rene, David Alwyn and Edward Lewis French ). We all had a really good time and lots of fun through the entire photo shoot. Working with actors is a spontaneous job simply because many of them are used to being in front of a camera and they are very good in following directions. However it is not often that I have a headshot session with four people at the same time. The idea was to set the lights and then photograph every single one of them and then change the lights for another set of outfits and looks. That bring some difficulties which I had to overcome. Normally when you do an actor headshot you set the lights specifically for this person and there may be many reasons for this, skin colour and condition, face features or age of the model. The idea of this shoot was to do as many setups and looks as possible and since I couldn’t spent as much time on each person as I would like to I was happy that the results were great.

Here are some of the images from the session.


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Modeling Portfolio – where to start.

What is a modeling portfolio ?

A model’s portfolio – also called book – is a collection of the model’s best, professionally taken photographs. Depending on where you are in your career, your modeling portfolio would contain photographs produced specifically for the type of work you are likely to do. For example, if you are fashion model your images should be about fashion and so on.
A portfolio is most likely to be online. There is many good places where you can easy create a good online portfolio.
One of the best I know is 500px and the latest Flickr. They have fantastic design and many options to showcase your work. You may want have also old fashion print portfolio,

Most common sizes for a print modeling portfolio are 8×10″ and A3. You can present your portfolio as a collection of individual prints or in a book. If you go for individual prints, you need a portfolio box to store and present them. If you planing to print a book you may want to try a Graphistudio, they specialise in printing fantastic book with high quality and very good competitive prices.

Whether you need a model portfolio to get started in modeling agency or you are planing to do freelance work.
Would be good if you start by collecting group of images of your self, they don’t have to be tiptop professional images however it would help, but they also can not be snapshots from you latest holiday trip.
Most modeling agencies would require few photographs: one headshot with a without smile and no makeup and hair done. One full-length body shot and a half-length body shot and most likely one wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

Before you sign up with any agency, check if they have a good website, address and contact numbers. If the website is under construction or if is poorly done it maybe scam. There is many so called agencies who just want your money promising you carrier in the modeling industry and moment you pay them money you will never hear about them again.

Here are some of the images I took for some of the London agencies.

Your modeling portfolio should be about quality not quantity.
Ten or twenty strong photographs will be much better than 100 average ones. I know that you are emotionally attached to your images and you like them all, but good idea is to have some one who knows about photography to help you make a good selection of the best images.
Remember quality not quantity !!!
Every time you do photo shoot ask the photographer to put together a small selection of the best images from a shoot. You do not have the experience to make that choice from a large selection. Every photograph should be different, unique and look like it was taken on different session. Avoid repetitive poses and facial expressions.

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Portrait Photographer-Passion, hobby or business.


My view as a portrait photographer.

For many of us photography is something we love, for many it’s a hobby and for some of us it’s only business. Most of us had no clue what kind of photography we want to do at first. You buy your first camera and you try pretty much every thing before you realise what subject is your real passion. Some of us love landscape photography, some of us love architecture or product photography. I have to honestly say, I probably tried everything before I realised what kind of photography I really wanted to do. I think many of us started this way.It’s a process of learning and making mistakes and trying new things until you know what’s your favourite. Then over time you start to develop your style, master your skills. People begin to recognise your work and you start to feel confident in what you do. I knew right away that I want to photograph people and over time I have learned how to do that. I begin to do lots musicians, performers and actor headshot photography, although I wouldn’t call my self a head shots photographer or portrait photographer. I don’t limit my self to one or the other category I simply capture people in the best possible way I can. But if I had to choose between  headshot photography or portrait photography I would say that portrait is more creative and give me more pleasure doing it. Of course some times it’s a struggle and you know even before you start the session that this is going to be a nightmare and you would rather give the money back than doing it. I had some one who didn’t want to smile coz of  black teeth or some one who was so stiff that would have to drink a gallon of whiskey to relax a bit, but no matter what, you have to be professional and do your job best you can. Most of the time taking picture is a pleasure and this is what I love to do, and even the worst day in the field it’s much better than best day at the office. When I begin to do portrait and headshot photography I learned that beside lighting it’s equally important to coach the person in front of the camera. You have to make sure that model is relaxed and confident and it is your job to bring the model’s persona to life.and if there is one advise I can give to all of the photographers, it would be. “If you want to take better and more interesting pictures, bring your camera in front of more interesting people”

Please have a look below on some of the images I took recently.



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