Portrait photography – photo shoot inspiration.

If comes to portrait photography one of the very important factors is inspiration. Most of the time before I even start to organise a photo shoot  I look all over the internet searching for some good pictures which I like and then study them trying to figure out the lighting and all the details. I had a few clients in the past who asked me: “Can you do that ?” and we all know how difficult it is to recreate someone else’s work and how much we can learn just from doing it.

Recreating beautiful pictures.

I have seen a few images in the past which were fantastic and I tried to come with results as close as possible to the original.
And let me tell you something. It is not an easy job to do it, and here is why. If you are trying to recreate a beautiful picture of Brad Pitt, and you have managed to achieve a similar lighting, and picture is still far from what you want. Guess what ? It will never be the same because you are missing the main subject…Brad Pitt

Lighting makes no difference.

For a lot of viewers, it makes no difference to them what kind of lighting is on the subject. Makes no different how was it done, how soft is the light, they don’t care about rules of composition and the golden hour. There is only one thing they see, the subject.
Only us freak photographers pay attention to all the details studying every inch of the image.
So, what I’m trying to say is. If you wonder why you can’t achieve it, way the image you are creating looks nothing like you would like it to be, maybe you should find a more interesting subject…
It took me some time to understand the fact that the most important thing in the image is the subject, and if there is the story and all the details in place image will be even stronger. And thats way as much as possible  I’m trying to create every thing in my head.

My favourite pictures.

Here are some of my favourite pictures I would like to share with you and which ones I was trying to recreate some time ago. Unfortunately  I don’t know who took this picture of Anja Rubik and Charlize Theron.

Below original image of Charlize Theron.

Portrait Photographer

and here is the image I took



Below original image of Anja Rubik which I was inspired by

Portrait photography

and here below image which I took

portrait photographer london

Why am I writing about it.

A few days ago a photographer told me that he was trying to recreate one of my pictures and I have to say, it made me feel great about it and I’m glad that there are some people who appreciate what I do.
Here is the image I’m talking about and a few words on how I have done it.

portrait photography london


To create this image I have used Canon 5D Mark 2 with 2.8 200mm lens. I was lying down on the floor  to achieve this interesting look of the floor in the picture.

On the left hand side of the model I have placed large 2m Octa from Elinchrom, on the right hand side placed large white reflecting board. Camera was set to ambient light of the windows. Rimlight on the models leg comes from the window.

Camera settings: F3.2 at 1/125 ISO320

To see some more of my portrait photography and how to recreate the light just click on this link.