Music Photography London article.

Few days ago I had a pleasure to photograph this  up and coming independent UK based rapper, singer and songwriter S.O.P  for the cover of his debut hit afrobeat single “Nwannem” (also known as “Speaking In Tongues” to fans that are unable to pronounce the African title).

As the pictures were taken, I wanted to find out more about his music and this “Nwannem” project in particular as the concept was rather intriguing. I also wanted to find out why “Speaking In Tongues” was used as an alternative title. During this conversation, S.O.P whose real name is Emmanuel Ebokosia revealed that the afrobeat single “Nwannem” features a combination of some languages often spoken in Nigeria including English, Igbo, Yoruba and ‘broken/piggin english’. He also went on to explain that the language spoken by a person’s mother or parents is referred to by Africans as the “mother’s tongue” so therefore since he was rapping in a combination of languages its accurate to say he was speaking in different tongues hence the alternate title “Speaking In Tongues”.

“Nwannem” was produced by a Nigeria based top producer Tha Suspect of Capital Hill Music and is scheduled for official release on iTunes mid-July following the release of the video 12th July 2013.

You can find out more about S.O.P and support his music via:


I have been doing music photography for quite some time now, and people start to recognise my work which really make me feel good because there is nothing better then knowing that some one like your work and knowing that you are being recommended to more and more people. Any way, the reason I am writing about is because I wanted to show you how i have done those images and I hope you can findsomething intresting in this post.

Here are some final images of  S.O.P.


and here is how I have done it. On the image below you can see that I have started by setting key light. I took large soft box with grid and I have placed on the left hand side of the camera. I use grids on most of my lights which allows me to have more control and I don’t have to worry of any light spilling to the background. As you can see on the image above I also put it in front small table so I could hide the legs behind it and add bit of depth to the image. On the second image I added one more soft box on the right hand side to lit other side of his face. I also put one more light to lit the background and  one more to lit cigar smoke. To insure that the smoke is well visible on the picture you have to make sure that the light is coming from behind the smoke.


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