Few months ago I was asked to be beauty photographer for Mobile Makeover, the founder Anil Bhima explained to me the whole idea behind it and I liked it and since Im owner of the studio it was easy for me to be part of it. We started by choosing the models and make up artists for this beauty photography project. For first photo shoot we needed five models and three makeup artist, each makeup artist had to make two good looks using specific cosmetics and brands. My job was to do photography and because I did not have much experience in beauty photography it was very important for me that this is going to have good results. I had to take picture of every step of makeup being apply all the way to the final image. It wasn’t an easy task specially that we did not have single professional beauty model, in fact we did not have any professional models at all. To give you an idea of what is all about just see this video. Few moths later Anil came with the idea of having app for iPhone and iPad with all the makeup looks we have made during this project. It took unbelievable amount of work and time to put one small app together and with many delays and rejections from App Store finally was ready. I have to say now, looking on ready app that this is one fantastic product and it should be in every single lades phone, its very nice and easy to navigate with tens of makeups looks to choose from for any occasion.