Headshots photography

Headshot photography is always a big part of my studio business. Over the years I have learnt several lighting techniques and ways to coach people to be able to create the best results on the session.

As a headshot photographer, I also have noticed that some other photographers charge lots of money for the service they provide and that’s fine if the work they do is excellent and if the client can afford it.

However there are many part time photographers with not enough experiences producing a low standard of work and overcharging clients. So the most important thing to remember when you are looking for a portrait or headshots photographer in London or anywhere in the world is firstly check what

you are paying for, have a look on their website to try to find some reviews and do some research about the photographer and his work. Check how long the session will be, how many outfit changes and how many images you will get in the package price. Also look for hidden costs, extra editing charges, printing charges etc.

Portrait and headshot photography can cost lots of money in London. On average, how much should you pay, and what is the difference anyway? I had a good look on some of the London-based studios and some of the photographer’s portfolios to give you a little more information and make your life easier in search for your photographer. So here are a few things you should remember before booking a session. Headshots on average can cost anywhere from £50 to over £400 and since London is a big city with an abundance of people needing great photography whether that be business, performing arts, stage actors, film, television, modelling…there is a large market for a good headshot and by the look of it, there are as many photographers offering services as many actors and clients who would need them.

So, what you are paying for ?

You can find a headshots photographer for as little as £50 but you may risk ending up with a 30-45 minute outdoor session with a few poor edits and no guarantee of the quality of the images you will get. Some photographers just starting and charging a minimal fee so they can get experience and build their portfolio. Their work may be average and although you might find the quality acceptable there is always a risk of not getting truly satisfying results.

£100-£150 – In this price bracket you should be able to find a good headshot photographer. Most likely 1-1.5 hours session with two to four outfit changes and 2-3 edited images. In this price you are probably going to have a session outdoor as many photographers do not have their own studio and it will cost them money to hire one. Extra images usually cost £10-£15 each.

£150-200 – most commonly a 2 hour photo shoot, a good number of outfit changes, you should be able to get 4-5 properly edited images of your choice.
In this price bracket you should get an established headshot photographer with lots of experience in this industry. Most likely having his or her own studio and giving you both indoor and outdoor session options.

£200-300 – For this price you are looking to have an established photographer with 2-3 hours photo shoot. Unlimited outfit changes, and 5 good fully retouched images of your choice. Also many photographers may offer a make-up stylist in this price so it’s always worth it checking is that is the case. Additionally you may have access to an online gallery to help you choose your extra shots Most of the time you will pay between £10-£20 per shot for these extra images. Always make sure that the time the photographer is offering you is enough for you to achieve best results. In the end, it is important that you achieve the right images that fit your requirements to get you the results you want to achieve. It could be a modelling job, a beautiful portrait for your yearbook, or being the next film superstar.

Here are some of the headshots I took recently and the price list for my services just for you to compare with the others.