Glamour Photographer London.

A few weeks ago I was asked to do the photoshoot for a fantastic lingerie designer Sonata Rapalyte – Sonata Lingerie.
As a glamour photographer in London, I had to think of something special, something which would really show the beautiful new collection.
We did not have much time to get ready with the whole shoot and after a few reschedules and problems we have managed to choose the date. And since there was not much time to look for the location we have decided to do a photoshoot in my studio which was quite challenging.
I had to make the studio look like some hotel room and since the studio has four white walls and a bit of background it wasn’t easy. But I think that every glamour photographer has on some point problems like this and have to deal with it.
Here is how I have done it…We bought some furniture and lamps and we have made this beautiful wall from plasterboards to imitate a large room. We knew exactly what we want and slowly started to see the effects. We had a fantastic model Keeana Kee knowing exactly what to do which is a big plus during the photoshoot, and extremely talented hair and makeup artist Gosia Peruzynska and you can see the effects of the work below.

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Glamour photographer London

In this picture, I positioned the model on the floor around 3m from the background. I placed a horizontal strip with a grid above her head very close to her ( just out of the frame of the camera) and I added one strobe and I pointed to the floor as a fill.


Glamour photographer London

In this picture, we need to add a little bit more feel of the glamour photography. We have bought furniture and lamps and we place them in the way so they look like they are inside the room.

I set the camera to F2.0 to make a very shallow depth of field. I have placed vertical strips with a grid on each side of the model to narrow the beam of light and I pointed one strobe with a reflector with a grid on the furniture to make it more visible.

All the strobes were gelled with half CTO to match the colour temperature of the table lamp.


glamour photographer london

In this glamour picture, I placed again strip boxes on both sides of the model. The one on the left was very loose to the models face to imitate the light of the lamp and the one on the right was approximately  2.5m from the model to give me a nice rime light on the leather jacket.

I have set the camera to make sure that I can see the light from the lamps. The rest was adjusted accordingly.


Glamour photographer London

As a Glamour Photographer, I have to say that I love the simple window light. I have a large window in the studio which I use quite often.

In here I placed the model next to the window. Camera settings: 85mm, F2.0, ISO 200, 1/320


I hope that this short article will help you to become a better glamour photographer in London where competition is really big and you have to make your way through.


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