Swimwear photography - photo shoot in Cyprus


Lingerie and swimwear photography is probably my favourite kind of photography and I'm lucky enough to make my living out of it.

Just recently I was asked to do a swimwear photo shoot in Cyprus for one of the Latvian company producing beautiful lingerie and swimwear.
I have a flight booked from London to Larnaca, three days in the villa right on the beach, all gear pack and ready. I couldn't wait.


A knew right away what is my choice of photographic equipment.
Going to place like Cyprus give you this opportunity to use my favourite gear - California Sunbounce and California Sun-Swatter

Most of the day it was very strong overhead sun. Ideally we should take picture in early morning hours or towards the sunset when the sun is not that strong and directly over the head but in this case we didn't have enough time to do so. We had to photograph over 40 outfits and we had to use every minute of the day we had.

The answer to it was of course my favourite California Sun-Swatter which give you this beautiful defused light and possibilities to open up a stop or two to throw the background out of focus a little bit more.


Another piece of gear I have to mention is Sunbounce it comes in variety of colours and textures and let me tell you something.There is the reason why I love it, the way its build, what kind of light it projects and how easy to manoeuvre it make my live so much easer and faster during photo shoot.
Ok it does comes with the price but it's worth it every penny.
On the picture below you can see my assistant bouncing light in to the model crediting nice rim light on the model.


Swimwear photoshoot - Cyprus 2014


Now, with every photo shoot there is the story behind the scene and even if you are experience swimwear photographer and you know the location and all the tricks you may always learn something new from your mistakes.
So my mistake was not securing all the gear and just having it lying on the floor.
We were all busy shooting when all over a sudden strong wind took the biggest reflector strait to the sea.
I was just standing there looking at it going all the way to the bottom. At first didn't look like is very deep and I didn't worry much, but shortly I found out that it's about 9m and I had this feeling that this is the last time I saw it...
Unfortunately we had to carry on with the photo shoot And we had to leave it there until evening.
Here is short video I took a minute after it happened.

California Sunbounce in the water

Eventually after 6 hour under the see we had it recovered by a diver...
Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.

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