Recreating outdoor light in the studio.

Lingerie photo shoot.

So today I would like to tell you few words about my latest lingerie photo shoot. Quite often in my spare time I do test shoots. Just to try new stuff new lighting and techniques.  This time I asked friend of mine Tiger to pose for me. I had photograph her before and I was very happy with here and I knew that I can’t go wrong choosing here for this session. To make this image I needed a good looking girl which Tiger was perfect for. Originally I had different idea for the shoot but I didn’t have enough time to find a good location for this and I end up in the studio, trying to recreate the light from the location. In my mind I had this picture of sexy girl standing somewhere out side of the house on the porch or doorway.  Obviously I don’t have any porch in the studio in fact I have only three walls and big white infinity cove to play with, but with a little bit of creativity I knew we will be able to pull something out of it. One of the most important factors in this kind of photography is make up. And if comes to lingerie I always work with my favourite make up artist Gosia Peruzynska which can do absolutely miracles if comes to making beautiful people look even more beautiful. Below is the image I took that day and I thing it gives you that feel of outdoor shoot.


Here is how I’ve done it.

I wanted to achieve this beautiful daylight look. I put 4 large 2.4m x 1.2m white boards in front of my model then fired 4 strobes in to these boards. This reflected back producing a huge light source from which I created this beautiful soft light.  Behind the model I have placed one more large black board and fired one gridded strobe to separate the model from the background.

Here are few more images from the same lingerie photo shoot session.