Glamour Photography

It’s been some time now since I’ve been doing glamour photography, so I decided to write little bit about it.
You may think that life of boudoir or glamour photographer must be fantastic. Hot models, beautiful locations…
But is not that easy, at least not at the beginning. Before you get to all those beautiful girls you have to work out your way, and is not always easy.
I found my first model on Model Mayhem, I put her in front of the camera, lights and camera set, every thing is ready.
I took few pictures looked on the back of the camera and I asked myself “what the hell” The Picture was far from what I have seen in Playboy.
For some reason I couldn’t get the lighting right…I thought…

But let me tell you something, it wasn’t about lighting, or the camera, or my skills its was all about the model.
I realised that as long you have an average model in front of the camera you are going to have an average picture.
So if you want to have a beautiful shot you better make sure that your model is really hot.
So next thing you do, you find better girl, then you throw some makeup on her, bring her to nice location and the things will begin to look more like a glamour…
Of course you may say that this will cost you a lot before you star to make any money, but hey!!! Who said its going to be cheap. The moment you decide to be a photographer you have to be ready to spend significant amount of money. You need to be ready to do this extra mile the whole nine yards and is not only in glamour photography but in the whole photography industry and the good news is, the longer you doing it, the more money you spend.
There are some good things of being glamour photographer too.
For example you do not have to worry much about the outfit an make up and there is plenty of girls up there willing to do the shoot with you for free as long they get some images.
So if you want to be boudoir and glamour photographer don’t waste your time, do it right from the start.

To see more of my work go to:

Below you can find some descriptions of the lighting and camera settings I have used to take this pictures.

In here I have used two strip soft boxes with the grid in the clap shell position 3-4 feet away from the model.  White background around 2.5m behind the model with one light to produce glowing effect. Canon 5D Mark 2, 70-200 2.8, 1/160 F11, ISO 100


In this image I’ve set camera to available light and match the light with big Elinchrom  190 cm Octa positioned on the right hand side of the model. Canon 5D Mark 2, 70-200 2.8, 1/125 F3.2  ISO 320


In here I asked model to stay in front of the white brick wall. Depending on the shadow you want to create you have to position model closer or farther to the wall. Also to create sharp and crisp shadow I have used Elinchrom Maxi Spot 40cm Reflector positioned some 5m away from the model. Camara settings, 1/160, F11, ISO100


In this picture I have used one large soft box with the grid positioned on the left hand side, with little bit of feel from the right. Camera settings – 1/160, F5.6 ISO 100


This image was taken with available light from the window only, with reflector in front of the model. It wasn’t much light outside so I set my camera to overexpose the images. Canon 5D Mark 2, Sigma 85mm 1.4, 1/200, F2.0, ISO 800


To see more of work from glamour photographer London please click on the link.


Beauty Photography – Mobile Makeover project


Few months ago I was asked to be beauty photographer for Mobile Makeover, the founder Anil Bhima explained to me the whole idea behind it and I liked it and since Im owner of the studio it was easy for me to be part of it. We started by choosing the models and make up artists for this beauty photography project. For first photo shoot we needed five models and three makeup artist, each makeup artist had to make two good looks using specific cosmetics and brands. My job was to do photography and because I did not have much experience in beauty photography it was very important for me that this is going to have good results. I had to take picture of every step of makeup being apply all the way to the final image. It wasn’t an easy task specially that we did not have single professional beauty model, in fact we did not have any professional models at all. To give you an idea of what is all about just see this video. Few moths later Anil came with the idea of having app for iPhone and iPad with all the makeup looks we have made during this project. It took unbelievable amount of work and time to put one small app together and with many delays and rejections from App Store finally was ready. I have to say now, looking on ready app that this is one fantastic product and it should be in every single lades phone, its very nice and easy to navigate with tens of makeups looks to choose from for any occasion.


Photo Gadgets

We all know how fantastic and handy device is iPad. There is a thousands of reasons why would buy one, but we all have to agree that one of them is your portfolio. There is no better and faster way to show your work to your client. Now our life is even easer with massive choice of fantastic apps available to download any where you go. One of the most important apps I have been using for very long time is FolioBook giving you full control of way you want to display your work. Second fantastic app I have been using and I can’t work without is Easy Release giving you instant access to a Model Release Form any time you need it and is also available on the iPhone. Third very important is Adobe Collage, app which allows you create mood board with images, links variety of backgrounds and fonts on the go. The list of apps making your life easer is very long and those three are doing pretty good job.



The Print Space – Take your printing to next level.

This days most of our photography work end up on the computer screen or uploaded to FaceBook or Flicker. Many of us don’t even think of printing images and for some reason most of us forget about beauty of it. For some time now I have been printing my images and I can honestly say know that if you want to see the quality of the image, you have to see it on the print. If you are looking for outstanding quality prints you have to try The Print Space, The print space providing fast and professional service. With full range of print types from C-types, Giclees and CMYK Proofs you can also download print profiles to insure that your print matches the look you are expecting and all your prints will be dispatched to you within 48 hours and if that is not fast enough for you, you can pick them up in 2 hours from the shop.



Portrait Photographer-Passion, hobby or business.


My view as a portrait photographer.

For many of us photography is something we love, for many it’s a hobby and for some of us it’s only business. Most of us had no clue what kind of photography we want to do at first. You buy your first camera and you try pretty much every thing before you realise what subject is your real passion. Some of us love landscape photography, some of us love architecture or product photography. I have to honestly say, I probably tried everything before I realised what kind of photography I really wanted to do. I think many of us started this way.It’s a process of learning and making mistakes and trying new things until you know what’s your favourite. Then over time you start to develop your style, master your skills. People begin to recognise your work and you start to feel confident in what you do. I knew right away that I want to photograph people and over time I have learned how to do that. I begin to do lots musicians, performers and actor headshot photography, although I wouldn’t call my self a head shots photographer or portrait photographer. I don’t limit my self to one or the other category I simply capture people in the best possible way I can. But if I had to choose between  headshot photography or portrait photography I would say that portrait is more creative and give me more pleasure doing it. Of course some times it’s a struggle and you know even before you start the session that this is going to be a nightmare and you would rather give the money back than doing it. I had some one who didn’t want to smile coz of  black teeth or some one who was so stiff that would have to drink a gallon of whiskey to relax a bit, but no matter what, you have to be professional and do your job best you can. Most of the time taking picture is a pleasure and this is what I love to do, and even the worst day in the field it’s much better than best day at the office. When I begin to do portrait and headshot photography I learned that beside lighting it’s equally important to coach the person in front of the camera. You have to make sure that model is relaxed and confident and it is your job to bring the model’s persona to life.and if there is one advise I can give to all of the photographers, it would be. “If you want to take better and more interesting pictures, bring your camera in front of more interesting people”

Please have a look below on some of the images I took recently.



Please click here to check see about portrait photographer.

Hello world!

So I just have lunge my new website Pawel Spolnicki and as you can see this is also my first post on my new blog.  In photography is very important how can you show your work and how people will see it. My previous website was very nice and good looking however was build from flash components and was not very Google friendly. So if you are looking for good and affordable website easy to use, edit and most important build in HTML you may want to check at the moment they offer 50% for all the designs. Also if you would like to make look really good you can try Elegant Themes. I have done pretty good research on the blogs themes and templates and I have to say that this is in my opinion the best place to get one. For only $39 a year, you have complete access to the entire collection of  78 themes which you can upload and change any time you like.

portrait photography London – Pawel Spolnicki



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