My name is Pawel and I’m a Professional Portrait Photographer based in London.  I have over a decade’s experience and have worked in many different shooting environments with different lighting and time pressures. I love what I do and wish to share these special moments with you whether it be, a fashion shoot, portrait or head shot. Photography is an art in its purest form. It can speak a thousand words, touch the heart and mind of many and catch the pivotal moment in one’s life that can give memories that last a lifetime and beyond. 

My shooting style is relaxed as the most important factor is to make YOU, the client, feel special and comfortable as for many, this might be your first time in a professional head shot photo session and may need guidance and direction. Or simply to calm your nerves...DON’T WORRY! I will be there every step of the way to help at all times and will be focussed on getting the right look and atmosphere to ensure that we can create the best possible images together.

My Studio is based in Barking London. So if you have had the chance to look at my Galleries and like what you see, get in touch!


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